Sunday, September 18, 2011

All about my nephew..

I decided that this next post is going to be all about "Scooter". This is mainly for the family who hasn't got to meet the little Scooter yet. Just in case your wondering.. This kids main mode of transportation is scooting everywhere on his butt! Scooter was born 6 weeks early and is a bit behind in a few things, but is quickly catching up. So.. here are some of the pictures I have collected of the kid. 
 First Christmas!
My brother and Scooter. 

 Scooter and E watching a movie. Random.. But just realized their clothes match the chairs they're sitting in. Ha.

Playing in the rain.

On this day.. We played in the rain. It. Was. Awesome! We had absolutely no wind which was unusual. The sun was shining and the thunder was going off all while it was lightly raining. 
E hates getting sprayed or splashed with water. We were expecting her to start screaming.
She enjoyed it!! Molly had a part in it i'm sure.  She loves that dog!
E, A, and Molly...  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Garden.

Just another day in the garden :) These pictures are actually pretty old. I need to take new ones. But you have an idea of what my garden looks like. 
The back row from left to right is Bell Peppers, Better Boy tomato, Cherry tomato, and Jalapeno pepper. The front row is Beefsteak tomato, another Beefsteak tomato, and Yellow squash. 

A just after picking her first tomato! 

A bit of an update.

I have decided that if I have nothing to post about I will just post pictures. I need to keep up on this for all the family members spread across this continent. 

So on this day. We went to the farmers market.. and I locked us out of my car. Again. Yes I said again. I have done this about 5 times in the past year now. I swear one day I will be SOL! Thank goodness BePa was with us and had AAA!