Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Here's to firsts!

Its official. I have finally decided to hop on the blog wagon, and boy do I feel cool! Haha! So what is it im going to write about you ask? UH.. My kids of coarse. So to give a quick or not so quick run down of our current issue with our little miss "A". About 3 nights ago the other half and I decided thats it!! BABY BOOT CAMP is in full swing as of the next day of coarse. We love our dear daughter to death and would never go back and change our decision to co-sleep. BUT.. The girl just turned 3 and for the life of her will not sleep alone in her big girl bed (aka a twin bed). We are literally up every hour trying to get that girl to pass back out, of coarse we have to lay with her all night or else our hourly wake up call lasts till the morning! So for the run down of the nights..

Baby Boot Camp Day 1:
NAPTIME- Put A and E down. E as usual passes out quickly while A argues a bit and while watching a movie. A falls asleep after putting her back in bed several times without too many problems. Only took her about 30 mins to calm down enough. I of coarse jinx myself when the thoughts "Wow can it really be this easy?!" popped into my head! HAHA! Jokes on me!

BEDTIME- A and E head to bed at about 9. E passes out nicely. A lays there saying she watching a movie. Not even 2 mins later she is yelling everything from "I dont wanna watch Toy Story", "I want daddy", "I want to swim in my pool", and "I need water mom, mom, mom I need water, MOM". The tears running like crazy and the fight to keep her in bed starts. Dad and I are taking turns every minute putting her calmy back in bed without exchanging any words. Which pisses her off even more! This goes on for about 2 long hours. Through this all I decided to let her scream (at least shes staying in bed, right?) because im too busy starting my new blog :) Finally Dad goes in and calms her down... I continue on with setting up my new blog and let dad do his calming magic.. Turns out calming magic in dads book is laying with her till she falls asleep! I couldn't believe he caved, actually who am I kidding I could believe it. He is and always will be wrapped around our daughters tiny little fingers! I decided then and there that if this girl was going to be sleep trained it'd have to be done when dad was at work. About an hr into our slumber A wakes up screaming for daddy. Daddy goes in and tries to calm her. Argues with her a little on why she needs to stay in her own bed and tries the big girl speech yet again. None of it worked. SO.. guess where dad slept.. On the floor in between the girls beds. It worked!! She fell asleep after 20 mins of screaming and yelling! The pattern of waking up continued a few more times in the night..but was overall better then all the other nights. I may even say that we got about 30 more mins of sleep that night haha!

Baby Boot Camp Day 2:
NAPTIME- It went fairly well. A put up a fight for about 10 mins. and I had to put her back in bed about 5 times which wasnt bad compared to usual 100x ! I'll take that as a victory thanks!

BEDTIME- Let me start off saying Dad was at work, and I knew that if I wanted this girl to go to bed on her own that tonight was the night! A and E were put to bed a bit earlier then usual. E was super tired from missing her 2nd nap and I was hoping that if I started bedtime a bit earlier then usual maybe, just maybe, A would be asleep by her normal bedtime. My perfect sleeper quickly passed out while A laid there watching a movie. At about 10 o'clock and after about 20 times of putting her back in her bed A fell fast asleep, and stayed that way until 2. At which point she started in for dad again. So the awesome dad he is went in made a rather uncomfortable looking bed on the floor and passed out. Apparently that was enough for A and she quickly fell asleep too!

Baby Boot Camp Day 3:
NAPTIME- Im happy to say that A went to bed after getting out of her bed once.. ONCE!!! OMG I think were making huge headway with this kid!! Lets just hope I didnt jinx myself yet again...

BEDTIME- To be announced! Fingers crossed that tonight goes smoothly!!