Sunday, December 4, 2011

'Tis the season to be Jolly!

Not sure if I have said this before but my favorite time of year is September through December. From the crisp autumn air to the yellowing leaves on the trees. There is something about it that just makes me giddy! As soon as September hits I bust out all the apple, pumpkin, and cinnamon scents. As well as what few harvesty decorations I have gathered and usually leave them up till mid December. Except last year. This time last year we were just barely moved into our house, and was so tired of unpacking that we didn't bother getting out a single decoration. It was the most depressing Christmas ever, I vowed we would always decorate regardless of what was going!! So this year decorating was in full swing the day after Thanksgiving! WOO!  

 After getting all the decorations out A begged us to put Christmas lights up in her room. Which reminded me of her nursery in Texas, we had the walls lined with pretty white twinkling lights. This time we decided it would be cooler looking to have it on the ceiling.
 A's face after eating a Hot Tamale candy! Ha!

The girls bedroom has the most amazing ambience to it now. We haven't had to use their ceiling fan lights since we hung them. 

On to the fun Christmas decorating. Thanks to Pinterest and Jenni at Craft-O-Maniac we were able to make our own Christmas ornaments. I highly recommend it! 
Just finished kneading the dough, on to the boring part, flattening it. I ended up doing it twice. Thankfully A is a patient kid.
 While waiting, A made herself useful and played the piano for me <3

 My cookie cutters and I are ready!!

 A few hours later we took our baked ornaments to Grams house for the fun part.. 

 Need directions on how to makes these easy ornaments, go to Or go to

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!
Time to talk about you and your tiny partially decorated self. Unfortunately Dad is allergic to the real deal, so we are stuck with a fake tree. No biggie.. Pun intended ha. Our 6 ft fake tree has seen 5 years worth of Christmas's (actually 4 since it didn't see the light of day last year). Our once perfect for our tiny apartment of a tree is now well.. A bit small for our house. I'm thinkin next year we'll step it up a little. 
The almost finished product. Note the mass of ornaments at the bottom of the tree. The kids sure know how to decorate ;) Lucky for them i'm not one of those crazed moms who needs the tree to look amazing and the ornaments distributed evenly. I think it gives the tree character, or makes it want to tip to one side. Haha! 
 My first attempt at painting a snowman. Not bad eh?

Hmm.. I wonder who was using the camera even though she knows better :)