Friday, October 21, 2011

Random Cute Pictures!

 Hmm, maybe if I fill it up with water i'll get it to spray..
Nope, back to washing my feet.
 You know those moments where you find yourself wondering why the kids are so quiet... And missing from the breakfast table. Well this is where you find them. Outside. In underwear. On the picnic table. Attempting to share their cereal. While the dog patiently waits bc she knows food is near.  I LOVE these girls!!!

The Pumpkin Patches...

Yup I said patches. We went to 2 different places on 2 different days for pumpkins bc i'm a freak. E didn't really enjoy herself the day we went to the pumpkin farm. No shocker there. She had about a 10 mile nap from the house to the farm which ruined her day. We kinda ended up dragging her around.. or carrying her. 
E and her daddy!
A on the other hand had quite the hay day! 
A and E in the giant pumpkin.
Dad and the girls they found the "daddy" of all pumpkins!
 Note to self do not wear sandals to any farm function.

Woo! Hip pop! 

As for the other pumpkin patch... Not as cool as the farm but it has a giant slide!!!

 Thanks to Auntie Helcia for the pics, you are officially the family photographer ;)
Let me tell you, it is soooo hard to get yourself and a 18m old up a rope latter. But we did!! And it was soooo worth it!! 
You know when I said I was a freak? Yeah, I wasn't kidding. I love decorating with this stuff!! We went for eccentric pumpkins this year. Like the black ones? They have glow in the dark paint on them.. One with spider webs and the other clearly stating Happy Halloween :P

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A's first haircut 10/4 and a bit of the past.

Yes I waited 3 years and some months to get my kids haircut. The reason why..
I couldn't part with her beautiful blonde little ringlets! 
A on halloween of 2009. She was a flower. 
On to the good stuff.. the first haircut! 
Excuse my exhausted mom look, I think i'm starting to really master it! Haha! 

Obviously her beautiful blonde little ringlets turned into this not so pretty mess, feeling like what seems to be the worlds finest hair. No joke. 

All we really did was have her hair trimmed.. Nothing too spectacular. This pic above isn't the final pic. I asked that about another inch get cut off. But as usual, i'm lacking something in a blog post ;) Final picture to come...