Sunday, November 6, 2011


Halloween Morning:

A bit late on the posting but.. Better late then never. So the day started off with a little bit of fishing with the Bepa aka grandpa to you people who don't speak my kid's baby language. It was pretty fun! E cant sit still for the life of her, so she pretty much ran her dad around the dock and camping grounds of the lake we were at. A on the other hand had a blast! She even caught her first fish!! 

 Bepa and E. She couldn't help but get into everything in his tackle box!! At one point I found myself scooping up night crawlers bc she dumped them everywhere.
 A and her daddy.
 Bepa showing A how to hook a worm.
 Me and A being bored.. hamming it up for the camera. 
 Kinda hard to see but A and Bepa reeling in her first fish. Which is the small thing to left of the pic against the blue boat.
 A very proud Miss A holding up her first fish!
As for Halloween night:

So i'm sure your going to look at these pictures and be like wow they suck. And I don't blame you.. they do suck. My kids are the most impossible kids to get pictures of! Especially E. Let me just begin by saying she was in the worst mood, as usual. I had to wake her up from her late nap to get her dressed in her Bumble Bee costume, which she decided she would NOT be wearing her wings. As for A.. She was a pretty pretty princess. She was decked out in her light up dress with her tiara and wand and what seemed to be ballet slippers haha! I let her choose her entire costume. On with the terrible pictures.... 
 E emptying Grams candy bowl.
 2nd house on the block (grams house) and she already attacked her candy.

 Like my get up? Haha! The only day its acceptable to go out in public in my crocs!
 Miss Pissy Pants. 
 The only thing keeping this girl happy... Chips and candy. Figures. 
A enjoying the fruits or should I say candy of her labor! 

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